DanaLogo2The Fight Within Us Production Company was created by Dana LoGiudice in Chicago in 2013. She found herself writing several screenplays and really wanted to go into production on one of them right away. So instead of going the traditional route, she decided to take on the challenge and created her own production company to begin the journey of film making  and telling her stories.

“Story-telling has always fascinated me. I love story arcs and really love stories that are unpredictable. I love stories of real people and the struggles they have faced and overcome. I love odd and strange stories that do not fit entirely in the mold of typical stories. I love the need we have to tell stories and our intent on listening. I love watching people tell and react to stories. It is the one thing that truly connects us as a species, and also makes us unique. It is the one thing that connects us throughout generations, to our past where we learn where we came from, to the the present to understand where we are, and to our future to where we just might end up.”

                                                                                                                                    -Dana LoGiudice

(Header photo still from Stand Up and Fight shot by Amy Davila, Text body photo by Dana LoGiudice)


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